Home Gym Equipment---Smith Machine+Adjustable Bench+60KG Rubber Coated weights

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Optimal for home gym use, this K8 Smith Machine with a bench included allows for the performance of a variety of exercises. With attachments and the pull-up bar included, this is the optimal piece of equipment for both trainings the upper body and lower body muscle groups. 

Key Benefits 

  • Multi-purpose use for targeting all muscle groups
  • Ability to isolate muscles 
  • Olympic sizes weights are multipurpose for both the machine and bar.
  • An attached bar running on tracks allows for both upper and lower body training including squats, deadlifts, bench press, and hip thrusts.   

Product Features 

  • Model: K8
  • Smith solid linear bearing safety bracket
  • Straight finished steel bearing, durable and flexible
  • Horizontal bar practice (come with two solid support bars
  • Pull-up practice
  • Barbell Squat practice
  • Upper recumbent push
  • Unit weight: around 105 kg
  • Solid Frame
  • Best & safety SMITH Machine for your Home Gym
  • Bar rate&size : 7 FT 20 KG Bar rate 330 kg
  • Solid safety Bar rate: 250 kg (Static test)
  • Perfect design 3 IN 1 you can use your won bench do press up, using for squat rack .also have a pull-up bar
  • Unit color: Yellow with Black
  • Floor area: 1360 x2100x2150 mm 2.6m2
  • Cage overall :2150mm high x 2100mm wide x 1360 mm deep
  • Whole Unit Rate: Up to 700 kg

Adjustable Bench Details :

  • Color: Black
  • Bench Weight:+-35 kg
  • Bench size :144 cm x 53.5 cm x 49cm (L x W x H)
  • Bench high from floor: 46 cm *total bench Rated to 500 kg
  • Come with 2 wheels
  • Brand new


  • 2 x 20 KG Rubber Coated Plates
  • 2 x 10 KG Rubber Coated Plates

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