Smith Machine Pull Down/Squat Rack/Pull Up

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Lee Warehouse K8 + Smith Machine adds cross cable based on K8 .The most frequent exercises performed with the Smith Smith Machine are bench press in a horizontal or inclined position (chest, triceps), and bench press (leg muscles and hips) in a sitting position (shoulder) or squat. Of course, these are just a few possibilities. You can either shrug your shoulders (upper back muscles) or hip thrusts (gluteal muscles). Your training may be really extensive. Therefore, your muscles will remember each repetition well.

Details of this item:

  • Smith solid linear bearing safety bracket
  • Straight finished steel bearing, Durable and flexible
  • Horizontal bar practice (come with two solid support bar )Pull-up practice
  • Barbell Squat practice
  • Upper recumbent push
  • Unit weight: around 105 kg
  • Solid Frame
  • Best & safety SMITH Machine for your home Gym
  • Bar rate&size : 7 FT  rate 330 kg
  • Solid safety Bar rate: 250 kg (Static test)