Smith Machine

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**Smith solid linear bearing safety bracket
**Straight finished steel bearing,Durable and flexible
**Horizontal bar practice (come with two solid support bar )
**Pull-up practice
**Barbell Squat practice
**Upper recumbent push
**Unit weight : around 150 kg
**Solid Frame
**Best & safety SMITH Machine for you home Gym
**Bar rate&size : 7 FT 20 KG Bar rate 330 kg
**Solid safety Bar rate : 220 kg (Static test)
**Perfect design : you can using you won bench do press up, using for squat rack .also have pull-up bar
**unit color : Silver /Orange
**Floor area: 1400 mm x 1700mm 3.03 m2
**Cage overall :2100mm high x 1700mm wide x 1400 mm deep
**Whole Unit Rate : Up to 700 kg

Price do not including any weights/bench show on the photos