Smith Power Squat Rack Commercial Quality last one display unit

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Lee Warehouse's new arrival commercial smith power squat rack is available now. This cage offers multi exercises in one. It ultimate all-in-one trainer and combined a functional trainer with a counter-balanced commercial smith barbell added a squat rack. Simple station for a workout at home.

Key Benefits 

  • Safety Bar
  • Pull up bar
  • Smith Machine Bar 

Product Features 

  • Smith solid linear bearing safety bracket
  • Straight finished steel bearing,Durable and flexible
  • Horizontal bar practice (come with two solid support bar )
  • Pull-up practice
  • Barbell Squat practice
  • Upper recumbent push
  • Unit weight : around 210 kg
  • Solid Frame
  • Bar rate&size : 7 FT 20 KG Bar rate 330 kg
  • Unit color : Silver and black
  • Floor area: 1500 mm x 2200mm 3.3 m2
  • Cage overall :2200mm high x 2200mm wide x 1500 mm deep
  • Whole Unit Rate : Up to 500 kg
  • Price do not including any weights,bench, safty bar and landmine show on the photos