SISSY Squat Machine

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SISSY Squash Machine

Key Benefits

  • Target both your squats and core
  • Simple piece of equipment providing high value

Product Features

  • The Sissy Squat Machine was designed for those who is looking for a machine that saves space, requires no extra weights and will strengthen glutes, quads, and core.
  • The strength of the legs will be developed more effective on the squat movements.
  • It will isolate your quads without too much exertion on the knees.
  • Squat Machine helps to retain the right posture when you do squat exercise by fixing your feet and calves tightly.
  • *Allows the user to safely lean back during use, switching the focus of a squat primarily to the quads instead of hamstrings and glutes
  • The double-structured sponge that fixes the calves has an intermediate groove that is painless
  • With the adjustable support and a pad, it is designed to keep the legs straight and ensuring more comfort while performing the squats.
  • Firm Steel for durability. Soft pad for comfortability. Adjustable support for suitability. Adequate size for storability. Adequate weight for mobility.
  • package size: 80 x 60 x 30CM