Round Dumbbell New Arrival 30mm Handle (Price for one dumbbell)

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Get the most from your workout with Lee Warehouse Round dumbbells. The metal dumbbells are an essential piece of workout equipment and are suitable to use in any commercial gym, fitness suite or studio. The dumbbell weights for sale are supplied pairs, in weights ranging from 2.5kg dumbbells to 30kg dumbbells.  The dumbbells for sale have a solid steel core and boast a CPU coating, which is crack resistant and protects floors when the steel dumbbells are dropped. This gym dumbbell set equipment is an excellent addition to your gym.


Details  of this item:

  • Size:2.5kg/5kg/7.5kg/10kg/12.5kg/15kg/17.5kg/20kg/22.5kg/25kg/30kg
  • Thicker handle
  • Our Price $ 5.5 per KGBrand new
  • Brand: LEE Warehouse Soaraway

  • Good quality Metal dumbbells with CPU Coated

  • Pro-style dumbbell made to much higher standards

  • Long-life using

  • More fashion and cooly shape.

  • Price only for one if you need a pair please order two.

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