Landmine Floor mounted Weight Plate T Bar Row

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Lee Warehouse landmine is completely versatile. With just this and a barbell, you’re able to train your entire body. Additionally, you also have the option the use a T bar row attachment, Must be bolted down. This one fits for a 50mm Olympic size barbell and a 25mm standard size barbell.

  • Suitable for 2 inches & 1-inch Olympic poles and counterweight plate. Just insert the barbell, weight bar, or squat bar into the test tube mouth, and fit it according to you.
  • Easy to use-this T-shaped row platform is designed to be fixed under doors, pipes, or drilled into the ground. Also mounting hole for fixing on the wall.
  • Versatility-In a small space, you can perform back exercises completely and effectively. Such as deadlifts, squats, and single-arm rowing/bench presses. Very suitable for home use.
  • Ideal for whole-body exercises: traps, biceps, back, shoulders, abdomen, hamstrings, etc.


  • Fits Olympic Bars Size: 25mm Standard size and 50mm Olympic Size.
  • Length of Pivot Sleeve: Around 8cm

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