Hex Dumbbells 1 kg - 70 KG (Price for one dumbbell)

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Lee Warehouse has been selling hexagonal dumbbells for over five years and aims to make dumbbells based on all the customers' preferences and daily usage.
Hexagonal dumbbells are made of iron inside and protected by rubber on both sides. Some of the dumbbells come with the LEE warehouse logo on one side.

Key Benefits

  • Useful for both strength and endurance training 
  • Easy to transport
  • The mute function is good, the use time is long, and it is easy to install and not easy to roll. The black rubber is cool and fashionable, The handle part is 28 mm.

Product Features:

  • Rubber coated two sides
  • 28mm of the middle handle parts
  • Long-life using 
  • More fashion and cooly shape
  • Not easy to roll around
  • Price only for one if you need a pair please order two.

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