Curl Barbell---1.2m Plain Black Barbell Olympic Barbell

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If you primarily care about triceps training, choose a high-quality bar from Lee Warehouse. This element will be perfect as a base for bench press and tricep training. Olympic bars with a diameter of 50mm are very good, and the bearing of two sides can protect the barbell guarantees the comfort of use. The grooved gripping part with special cross cuts, which ensures a firm grip with your hands during exercise.

Detail of this barbell:

  • RRP: $165
  • 1.2m long Olympic Curl Bar
  • Load Capacity: Around 300kg
  • Come with a rubber cover and bearing on two sides
  • Come with 2 X STEEL Collars Included
  • Made to fit 50mm Olympic Plates
  • Bar weight Around 9.8 kg
  • Bar handle around 28mm

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