Free Standing Boxing Bag

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Lee Warehouse boxing bag with free stand is excellent for workouts, develop hand eye co-ordination and skills.Pedestal Style (Free Standing) - No more holes in the wall, Say bye to hanging Punch bag and switch to our heavy duty Free standing Punch bag,that comes with a base which can be filled with sand and water. No tools, no ceiling holes, no bolts, no hassle.Unlike other punching bags that require multiple ceiling holes,complicated installation methods and tools, this Adult heavy duty punching bag is here to make your life easier! 

Details of this item:

  • Boxing bag size : 1.1 m high 33 cm diameter
  • Base size : 70 cm diameter 70 cm high
  • Boxing bag high from floor : 1.8 m
  • Boxing bag weight : 20 kg
  • The base have to fill up with water or sand to keep stability(come with empty base)

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