Battle Rope

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Lee Warehouse high-quality battling rope, climbing rope, fitness ropes, exercise rope. Strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders, and legs and get an intense conditioning workout. Different thicknesses different weights. The ideal addition as a finisher exercise, or to a HIIT training plan.

Key Benefits

  • Challenging for aerobic and strength
  • Multiple-use opportunities 

Product Description 

  • Brand new
  • Constructed with 3-strand nylon
  • Length: 9m,12m, and 15m
  • Thickness: 38mm and 50mm

Weights of the battle rope ( including the pacake)

  • 38mm x 9m: 7.3kg
  • 38mm x12m: 9.7kg
  • 38mm x15m: 12kg
  • 50mm x 9m:11.5 kg
  • 50mm x12m:15.4 kg
  • 50mm x15m:19.3 kg