Battle Rope

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Lee Warehouse high-quality battling rope, climbing rope, fitness ropes, exercise rope. Strengthen your abs, arms, shoulders, legs and get an intense conditioning workout. Different thickness different weights challenge. Using battle ropes for just 10 minutes can be considered a vigorous workout. It can be used indoors or outdoors. Improve your cardio and build your core strength. Gain lean muscle mass, burn fat.

Details of this item:

  • Brand new
  • Constructed with 3-strand nylon
  • Length: 9m,12m, and 15m
  • Thickness: 38mm and 50mm

Weights of the battle rope ( including the pacake)

  • 38mm x 9m: 7.3kg
  • 38mm x12m: 9.7kg
  • 38mm x15m: 12kg
  • 50mm x 9m:11.5 kg
  • 50mm x12m:15.4 kg
  • 50mm x15m:19.3 kg

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