Aerobic Step

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Lee Warehouse Aerobic Step help ramp up your fitness regime with the exercise aerobic 2 level adjustable step. Whether you’re looking to tone up, shed a few lbs or just improve your general fitness, the stepper lets you enjoy an effective low impact, high intensity aerobic workout. Beneficial in a number of ways, the stepper is great for fat burning, core stability, leg, bottom and stomach toning, improved cardiovascular health and muscular endurance, plus enhanced stamina, co-ordination and balance.

Aerobic Step for Home and Gym 

  • One Plate and four bases
  • Color : Multi Color Choices
  • Size : 110.5 cm x 43 cm  ( L x W )
  • high one step 10.5 cm two step 21 cm
  • Weight : Around 5.6 kg
  • Loading Weights : up to 150 kg
  • Material : ABS plastic

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