Adjustable Bench/Q5 FID Weights Bench

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Lee Warehouse Q5  weight lifting bench as a tope product that you will be able to lift some big weights. For this bench a staple of strength training and more, the adjustable bench is one of the most versatile workout stations available. Different levels of incline/decline on the backrest and three on the seat make for a variety of options and flexibility for users to target any area of the body. Movement of the bench around the gym or studio is also made easy thanks to transportation wheels on one end and handle grip on the other.


Details of this bench:

  • MODEL: Q5
  • Color: Black
  • Brand new in the box.
  • Can do flat /incline/decline, multi-adjustable to 90 degree.
  • Come with all the screws and tools you need
  • Easy assembling
  • Item weight:22.5 kg
  • G.W:25kg
  • Box size :110 x 49 x 23cm
  • Bench size :142cm x 50cm x 126cm (L X W X H )
  • Bench high from floor: Around 50cm
  • Total bench Rated to 300kg