Barbell---2.0m 500LB Lifting Bar 15kg Lady's Olympic Barbell

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Lee Warehouse Lady's barbell is tough, durable, and comes with 8 precision bearings that offer a smooth rotation with every lift. Made from alloy steel with a hard chrome finish that is designed to last a lifetime. The 7FT Bars weigh in at 15kg and have a shaft diameter of 25mm. This is a black or sliver shaft with hard chrome sleeves.
Rated up to around a 230kg /500 LB.

Key Benefits 

  • Able to adjust weights
  • Multi-purpose use for a variety of exercises

Details of this item:

  • Brand new Bar
  • Steel Bushing Copper
  • Brand : Soaraway LEE Warehouse
  • Bar weight : 15kg
  • Bar size : 2m long 50MM End for fit Olympic weights
  • Color : Black and Silver
  • Bar build in 2 bearings and 2 bushings
  • Load Capacity : 240KG
  • Handle Diameter : 25mm

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