Competition Kettle bell

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Lee Warehouse high-quality  steel competition kettlebells are comfort to grip and are colorfully designed,  make you experience the outstanding performance in fitness and weight-training.  These kettlebells target all the major muscles and give you versatility within  all workouts.Incorporating kettlebells  into your daily training plan gives you multiple benefits. As a great  conditioning tool, use these kettlebells in key aspects of fitness for  endurance, flexibility, balance training, and strength.

Details of this item:

  • Cast Steel Body with Stainless Steel Handle
  • Color-coded for each size, easy to identify
  • Weight clearly marked,
  • Available in :4KG,6KG,8KG,12KG,16KG,18 KG 20KG.
  • Kettlebell weight varies and  is clearly marked.
  • All those kettle bell in the same size.

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