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The most core of human body is the abs and your back. What the Lee Warehouse AB wheel “promises” is that exercising with an ab wheel makes all your core muscles work together and to contract as a group. This will ensure that there isn’t muscular imbalance, which could happen with exercises that target only your abs or only your back.

Key Benefits 

  • Challenging for the core
  • Progressions able to be used 

Product Features:

  • Material: AB plastic with solid rubber
  • Double Wheel size : each wheel 14.5cm diameter 4.5cm thick
  • Single Wheel size:wheel size :18 cm diameter 4.5cm thick
  • Double Wheel size : 15cm long 35cm diameter
  • Each handle size : 11.2cm long 3.0cm diameter
  • Good for Abdominals.waistline.obliques.arm­­s.back.chest.shoulders.
  • Easy to use.portable.lightweight

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